16 thoughts on “Avoid these Seven Grains when Gluten Free”

  1. I really liked this post a lot. Mostly because Gluten Free Eagle is my brother. After reading this post, I feel there is more I need to learn about gluten and grains.

    1. UConnBlue, yes it is a great post! Thank you for the comment. I am glad you learned something from your older brother. 🙂 Keep learning about gluten and grains. You will be able to write posts on here soon. ~Adrienne

    1. Marquita, I also did not know the details of all of the grains. When we were at Bob’s Red Mill, we got to see them all. I did not know what a couple even looked like before the tour. Thank you for visiting! ~Adrienne

  2. Hi Adrienne, Glad I came across your post my daughter has been advised by her doctor to go gluten free. She just started her research on it and making changes in her diet. I will refer her to your site. This is really good information.

    1. Lydia, I’m glad my site will help your daughter on her gluten free path! It is much easier to be gluten free now than in years past – as far as safe commercially produced products go. If you or her have questions, just ask! ~Adrienne

  3. Hi Adrienne,

    That’s a very helpful post as my daughter-in-law is looking to be gluten free.

    I know there’s quite a lot of confusion as to whether certain grain actually are gluten-free so it’s good to see this definitive list.

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

    1. Joy, I love being able to help others learn how to live gluten free. Reading labels and looking up products on the manufacturer’s websites is one way I figure it all out. 🙂 I hope this list helps! ~Adrienne

  4. Hi Adrienne ,
    great post for people who have to live gluten-free. this problem came with GMO.
    I did write a book about Millet which is gluten-free and I see it is getting popular.
    so I need to publish it .
    Sad is that many people have not enough knowledge about the grains and how
    to avoid gluten. Good to see you enlighten people with your post.
    Thank you
    Erika Mohssen-Beyk recently posted…Do You Dare To Be You ? Playing Roles Is For Actor’sMy Profile

    1. Erika, glad you enjoyed this post! GMO is only part of the gluten problem. After we went gluten free, I used millet. Unfortunately, I am unable to eat millet. (I had no idea until we started eating gluten free.) ~Adrienne

  5. Hey Adrienne!
    Is this a new site? I’m pretty sure it is. I see so many blogs I might be wrong.
    Looks very nice and happy to see you added the SFG. Will be interested in
    this next spring. As a person who knows nothing about Gluten you might add
    some information about what it actuallly is or does to people. Just a thought.

    1. Kathryn, no, this is not the “new” site. I will be adding more info about what gluten is as well as more photos on SFG. I look forward to helping you with your SFG in the spring! ~Adrienne

    1. Leo, it was interesting to see what the different grains look like. I was also brought up on white rice. I still love to eat it. I have a flour mill so most of the flours we bake with have been milled by us. I love baking with freshly milled brown rice, white rice, amaranth, and quinoa flours. Thanks for visiting! ~Adrienne

    1. Elise, it was fun to learn about the different grains at Bob’s Red Mill. Kelly had fun learning even more about the specific types of wheat during his research for this post. Thanks for visiting! ~Adrienne

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