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Write for Us - Bloggers Wanted on GlutenFreePreppers.com
Write for Us – Bloggers Wanted on GlutenFreePreppers.com

Guest Blogging Opportunities Now Available

We are looking for fellow bloggers who would like to write for us.  You are welcome to email a guest post for publishing consideration here on Gluten Free Preppers.  We love sharing like-minded bloggers with our readers!

Want to Write for Us?

Please keep these general guide lines in mind:

While we do not require our guest bloggers to blog on gluten free living, we do ask every effort be made to have each post be as gluten free as can be for our readers.

Recipes and products must be gluten free.  Restaurants and company mentions must have gluten free options.  (Some gluten free products DO NOT react the same when cooked or baked like their gluten-containing counterparts do.)  Please do not submit posts using gluten-based items.

Brands and companies which offer gluten free options of their products are awesome!  We want to help other gluten free eaters be aware of the various foodstuffs available.

Photos are an important part of blog posts so please send at least one to go with your submission!

At this time, we do not pay monetarily for guest posts.

Are You Ready to Write for Us?

If you already have a guest post topic in mind – or even a finished post – please email to glutenfreepreppers (@) gmail.com.

If you would like to write for us and are in need of topic ideas, we have listed some to help those creative juices start flowing.

Possible guest post topics include (though are not limited to):

  • Product reviews
    • Commercially made gluten free foods
    • Prepping gear (backpacks, dehydrators, meat grinders to name a few)
    • Food storage items (food storage company must sell gluten free products)
  • Recipes
    • Backpacking, camping, and hiking snacks
    • Foods made using commercially packaged food storage products (must be gluten free)
    • Desserts, dinners, or breakfast favorites
  • Round-Ups
    • Five Quick Meals for Breakfast
    • Bug Out Bag Wish List Items
    • Ten Foods to Always Have on Hand
  • Your own topic ideas!

 When You Write for Us

We will give you full credit for the post and include a bio of you, our guest blogger.  In your bio, please share the link to your blog as well as a couple of fun facts to help us and our readers get to know you better.

We welcome multiple posts from the same blogger!  If you have a post series in mind or other post ideas, please email Adrienne at glutenfreepreppers (@) gmail.com.

We are looking to build a strong network here of gluten free and prepping bloggers to share our joint experiences with all of our readers – here on Gluten Free Preppers as well as on each blogger’s personal site.

We do ask you not to re-post your Gluten Free Preppers post in its entirety on other sites (since it will negatively affect our site as well as any other sites).  You are welcome to post a short intro to your Gluten Free Preppers guest post on your own blog with a link to read the entire post here on GlutenFreePreppers.com.

Still Have Questions?

Please email Adrienne at glutenfreepreppers (@) gmail.com.