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14th February 2020

Blogger’s Pit Stop #208

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Kathleen and Julie Blogger’s Pit Stop #203

KATHLEEN from Lifestyle Building Blocks: She finds it both humbling and satisfying to write posts and to have bloggers express their appreciation for the help and guidance gleaned from her insight. Kathleen loves the blogger’s lifestyle, thinking outside the box and to keep learning. She is qualified in Professional Editing and Proofreading – specializing in eBooks.

Kathleen/Blog / Facebook /Twitter /Pinterest / / /


JULIE is the wife of Pauli and the mom of two beautiful children. As a family, they have worked hard for the lifestyle that they now enjoy. They have a successful online business, they are entrepreneurs who teach, train, coach and are mentors of their strategies to make more money more easily. Julie has two blogs, one for online coaching and one for their Niche Travel Hub. Julie is the author of the popular book The Art of Pinterest Profits.

Julie/ Blog1 / Blog2 / Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest / MIX.COM/ Youtube /Linkedin / Instagram /



Menaka Roseann

MENAKA from Simple Indian Mom is a Mom, an Agricultural Microbiologist, and a Mompreneur. She is an Organic Food Producer and Markets them under her own brand as SIM Organics. She is a Parenting Consultant and believes parenting can be simple, easy and happy.

Menaka/ Blog / Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest / Linkedin /


ROSEANN is a wife, mother to 4 grown children, a Christian, she teaches middle school by day and blogs by night. For over 30 years, Roseann has had multiple autoimmune issues and she shares her experiences on her blog. Her many interests bring her joy – baking, cooking, sewing, crafting, and gardening, check her blog as she writes on these subjects.

Roseann / Blog / Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest / Instagram


Elise and Adrienne

ELISE – Dr. Elise Ho is a Naturopathic Life Coach and CBD Educator providing personal and business development along with support through natural products such as herbs, essential oils, and CBD.

Elise /Blog / Facebook / Twitter /Pinterest / Instagram /


ADRIENNE – is a wife and mother of a family living gluten-free. She has co-authored a published book ‘The Gluten-Free Way: My Way’

Adrienne /Blog / Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest / Instagram /


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Abandoned Blogger’s Pit Stop #208

Abandoned in Oatman Arizona by Agent 54


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Choc Strawberry Cheesecake Blogger's Pit Stop #208

10 Delicious Trim Healthy Mama Valentine’s Desserts by Joy


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Adrienne Joined The Blogger’s Pit Stop Crew

Gluten Free Preppers is Now on the Blogger’s Pit Stop Crew

The Blogger's Pit Stop

Dr. Elise Ho of has been a member of the Blogger’s Pit Stop Crew for a while.  When the spot for Cooking Category became available, she suggested me to Crew Leader Kathleen, of The Blogger’s Lifestyle, as a possible crew member.

I am grateful to Elise for recommending me to join the Blogger’s Pit Stop Crew. Thank you, Kathleen, for accepting me onto your crew!

I am excited to get to know the other members of the crew.

I am looking forward to see all of the fun and yummy recipes each week that my fellow crew members share along with all of you!

I’ll see you at the races!

The Gluten-Free Way: My Way

The Gluten-Free Way: My Way

The Gluten-Free Way: My Way by Adrienne Z. Milligan and William Maltese
The Gluten-Free Way: My Way by Adrienne Z. Milligan and William Maltese

The Gluten-Free Way:  My Way

I co-authored and published this book with William Maltese.  The book was born out of my family’s lifestyle change to living gluten free in 2001.

After my husband and son stopped eating gluten, a whole new world of preparing food and tastes were opened up for us.  New grains and flours.  New products – some good, some horrible.

Some of my favorite recipes are included in this book.  These recipes are ones we eat often and our company tends to request when visiting.

If you are looking for a list of companies which sell gluten free products or make them, I have added those as well.

Are you looking for information on gluten free support groups?  Maybe you want to learn more about living gluten free?  Check out the list of support groups, as well as websites for further education, included in our book.

Our book is available on in print and for the Kindle.  You can also find our book online at Barnes & Noble for your Nook and in paper format.

If you like to sponsor local businesses, check out our favorite mill (and pick up a copy of our book) when you visit The Country Living Mills online store.

If you are on Facebook, we would love to have you join us on our page for all things relating to our book and gluten free living.  When you visit, please say “Hi!”

What is your favorite gluten free recipe?  Which store do you find the most gluten free products?  How long have you been living gluten free?


Note: The information in the book is current as of the last edit done by the publisher.  If you find something which is incorrect, please list in the comments so I can make a note of it.  Thanks so much!

Top Five Ways to Winterize Pipes

Top Five Ways to Winterize Pipes Copyright Adrienne Z. Milligan
Top Five Ways to Winterize Pipes Copyright Adrienne Z. Milligan

Top Five Ways to Winterize Pipes

I do not want to with frozen pipes bursting during the winter.  Do you?

It can fall to below freezing where I live at times during our winter.  The damage it causes, the mess created, the money to repair and replace, plus the huge inconvenience to my family is just not worth it.

Part of being prepared is doing the little things which can prevent bigger issues.  Winterizing the pipes in your home (or business) is one of those little things.  Winterizing may sound expensive and time-consuming.  It is not.

As I am not an expert in plumbing, I consulted with Andy of Andy Jahn Plumbing & Rooter for his expert advice on this topic.  Thank you, Andy!

Here are Andy’s Top Five Ways to Winterize Pipes

  1. When getting ready for the winter, always make sure each outside hose has been disconnected from the hose faucet.  If forgotten, do it as soon as possible.  As the cold weather turns to freezing, it is especially important to already have completed this first step.  Do not wait until the weekend to take care of this if you can.  It may be too late.
  2. Be sure to cover your outside hose faucets to help prevent them from freezing.  Purchasing hard faucet covers for three or four dollars each is money well spent to avoid thousands in damage and repairs.
  3. Check to see if you have any water pipes which are located in non-heated areas.  These pipes could be in the garage, attic, or crawlspace.  If you find pipes in these spots, you will need to insulate them as best as you can.  When heading to the hardware store, remember there are different sizes for pipe insulation [1/2, 3/4, 1 CTS (Copper Tube Size) and IPS (Iron Pipe Size)].
  4. If there are vent holes to your crawlspace, do not block them during the winter.  When you find water pipes near the vent holes, be sure to put extra insulation around them.
  5. Do you have any plumbing on an outside wall?  Keep the cabinet doors open to allow the warm air from within the room to be nearer to the pipes.  This extra amount of heat may prevent the pipes from freezing.  Running a little bit of water (a small trickle) may also help the pipes.

Do You Have to Winterize Pipes Where You Live?

As I mentioned, the area I live does not always get below freezing. Therefore, we do not winterize our pipes until the temperature starts to drop.

The winter of 2016-2017 has proven to be “one of those winters” where we have had days of below-freezing temperatures, a couple feet of snow, and ice everywhere.  As I have been writing this, it has continued to snow…

I hope this helps you become better prepared for the winter months.

Please share your experiences.


Hosting Your Own Awards Viewing Party

Hosting Your Own Awards Viewing Party
Hosting Your Own Awards Viewing Party

Hosting Your Own Awards Viewing Party

Disclaimer:  I did not receive any products or compensation for my publishing of this post.  The ballot shown above was provided by SkinnyPop as a fun way to promote watching the Golden Globes with friends.

The 74th Golden Globe Awards Show is upon us.  Since Jimmy Fallon is the host for this year’s show, I may convince my husband to watch it with me.  You can watch it on NBC from 8pm-11pm EST on Sunday, January 8, 2017.

I do not always watch the Golden Globe Awards show.  When I do, I like to watch for my favorite actors, TV shows, and films to win.  (I usually forget to watch the awards show if a football game is on at the same time.)

Have you been paying attention to this year’s nominees?  Who do you want to win?  Which films and TV shows do you consider award worthy?

Ideas for Your Own Awards Viewing Party

Have you ever considered hosting a party to view the Golden Globes? What an interesting idea!

We have friends and family over to watch the football games.  Why not the Golden Globe Awards show?

When I saw SkinnyPop’s fun ballot for the Golden Globe Awards show, I considered hosting a viewing party of my own.

Get Ready for Hosting Your Own Awards Viewing Party

Brynn at The Domestic Dietitian shares fun (and healthy) recipes for your awards viewing party.  Read more about she plans to Host a Healthy Awards Show Party.

What from Brynn’s post will you be incorporating into your own awards show party?

Your Awards Show Viewing Party – The Final Countdown

First, are you ready to have fun with your friends and family?

In addition to handing out the ballots to your guests, who do you think will score the most points?   Do you know which of your friends pays the most attention to the happenings in Hollywood?

Finally, enjoy the company, refreshments, and the show!

After the Show and Party

So how did hosting your own awards viewing party go?  What was your favorite snack brought by a guest?  Did the guests have fun voting with the SkinnyPop ballots?

Did you enjoy hosting the party?  Are you already planning next year’s event?

Please share your hosting experiences in the comments.  I love hearing how other people entertain and what they choose to serve.


P.S. While this post is tailored to the 2017 Golden Globe Awards Show, the ideas and suggestions for food, activities, and decor can be applied to other award-themed parties or events.